Establish a recreational / retreat area for military active duty, veterans (highly focused on disabled veterans especially those suffering from PTSD), Jr ROTC classes from the local high schools and first responders with facilities that:

  • Provide a safe, stress free, therapeutic environment that encourages personal interaction and open communication.
  • An environment that memories and feeling can be freely communicated.
  • Develop facilities that are accessible to veterans and first responders with limited disabilities
  • Provide interactive facilities that meet the needs of the local Jr. ROTC units’ educational requirements in a fun environment


  • ​1 on 1 & group discussion facilitation:  This is the Primary function of The Farm.  Owned and maintained by a disabled vet, The Farm has been a place of healing for him that he wants to share with others that have faced the same challenges.  The quiet countryside, the comradeship of fellow veterans that have similar experiences. It is place of meditation that lets one search and hopefully recognize / understand what the memories, often mentally locked away, are doing to them.  In the short time that the site has been available to other Veterans many have made significant progress in their fight with PTSD and helped a number of people to simply cope with the stress of fitting back into civilian life.  The Farm is a sanctuary where no one is standing in judgement; no one is under pressure to share anything they are not ready to bring into the light.  We strive to aid each other to fight the demons that most combat veterans carry with them every day and this is the area that we hope to see grow and provide support to many more people.  


.    We provide assistance on disability claims by inviting representatives from the Veterans Administration, Disabled American Veterans,

     Veterans of Foreign Wars, and other organizations to provide guidance in following the proper process for filing claims that get approved


  • Wild life Photography Blinds & Elevated wildlife observation stands. 
  • Fishing (ponds, beaver ponds, creek).
  • Hunting (in season)
  • ​Archery (cross bow) (compound bow).
  • ​BB / Pellet rifle on pistol range.
  • Primitive camping (tent only)
  • Picnic area w/fire pits
  • Amateur Radio (HAM) introduction
  • Computer Amateur Radio Networking​
  • Games available for use during picnics and informal outings
  1. ​​Corn hole toss
  2. Horse shoe pits
  3. Outdoor movie capability (for night time primitive camping groups)

  • ​Weapons safety & familiarization training
  1. The Farm has a group of Veterans with extensive background in all sizes and types of weapons and will offer one on one or group training on weapons safety and familiarization. 
  2. This training will be at the location of the requesting person / group not necessarily at The FARM. 
  3. Weapons safety and training is critical for anyone interested in owing a firearm for hunting, marksmanship competition, or self defense. It is especially critical if planning to pursue a career in the military, security services or one of the many state/federal law enforcement agencies. 
  4. SAFETY is important for anyone that picks up a weapon.
  5. This training is conducted in a classroom and does not involve actual firearm shooting.


  • ​Mini Obstacle/Exercise Course (Army design) FOR USE BY Jr ROTC CLASSES
  • Field survival skills introduction
  • Expedient camping skills introduction
  • ​Property security systems consulting
  • Security team organization facilitation (noncertified)

Marksmanship Range

  • Marksmanship competition is one of the owner’s primary hobbies and was the primary reason that the land was purchased.  THE RANGE IS PRIVATE PROPERTY!.  
  1. The shooting range was created immediately after the purchase of the property so the Chief would have a place to practice and maintain proficiency.   NO ONE IS ALLOWED ON THE RANGE WITH OUT THE OWNERS PERMISSION.
  2. All shooters must read, understand and sign a Waiver of Liability.
  3. The range is set up for a Single User. 
  4. One shooter at a time with the choice of a bow, pistol or rifle.
  5. NO ONE has permission to use firearms on the range if the owner is not present.
  6. Active Duty, Veterans, Police, Fire & Rescue must provide evidence of eligibility.
  7. In existence are a 100 yard rifle range target safety berm and a 25 yard pistol range safety berm. 

  • Firearms Area Rules and Regulations:
  2. The property is posted with signs Private Property – No Trespassing & Warning Authorized Personnel Only - Keep Out.
  3. The range has signs on its perimeter indicating Danger – Shooting Range – Keep Out
  4. The range is set up for a Single User. 
  5. One shooter at a time with the choice of a bow, pistol or rifle.
  6. An individual must be able to verbalize the GOLDEN Rules of Firearm Safety without help. Those unable to do so are ineligible.
  7. An individual user must be able to demonstrate safe handling techniques.
  8. NRA rules are posted and noncompliance will not be tolerated.  
  9. Violators will be asked to leave and not allowed future access.
  10. No firearm will be loaded at any location on the property except the firing line with two exceptions:

  • The only firearms allowed to be carried loaded on the site.
  1. Will be on duty law enforcement personnel and
  2. On duty NRA CERTIFIED Range Safety Officer

No loaded firearm will be point in any direction except down range. Violators will be asked to leave.


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