This column contains my personal opinion, beliefs, and view of what is going on around the world.  It is my way of staying sane in an insane world on a daily basis.  In other words this is my rant page, where I blow off excess steam.

Friday, JULY 30, 2021 .  My heart goes out to my friends that live in and around Lake Como  in Northern Italy.  They have been fighting the Pandemic  and now the worst floods in years.  I hope you are all well.

Here in the USA, our struggling society continues to circle the drain financially due to the stupidity and personal greed of the party currently in power.  The President has dementia, the Vice President 's agenda  of self enrichment is so transparent I can't understand why the Democrats are blind to it.  The Socialist  gang are pushing the Marxist agenda and the youth of this country are buying into the propaganda like they did after WWII led by an educational elite that have never known anything but a University Campus.  They have no idea what it is to live in the real world.   The Teacher's Union and the new left wing educational curriculum that is laying a foundation of racial hate among all races but placing the focus on the white man for elimination. ​

I wish I could tell all the story of what I have done during my multiple careers but if I did it would result in the government calling me a conspiracy nut  and locking me away in some  VA hospital, if I were lucky.  




I must recognize and send a resounding THANK YOU to the bunch of people that I have started calling the Veteran's Farm Club.  First of all to Goose and Mary for the hard work and time spent logging the rest of the inventory into the new POS system.  They saved me weeks of work.  Then to everyone that showed up on Sat. (7/17) to do the chores that I had been unable to get to around The FARM, Larry for mowing all day, Goose, Steve(2$), (Crazy) Ed, and Barlow (need his nick name) for cleaning, organizing the communications shack as well as hauling off the trash laying around the place and sweeping out the garage.  Wendy (Squeaky) and Raul (Badges) for assisting me in the shop with one of the busiest days I have ever had.  Last but certainly not least is Ed's wife, Patrice (I know I spelled it wrong, sorry) for sending lunch out for everyone.  Those chicken wraps were fantastic.  Everyone named is a volunteer and I don't know how to properly say thanks for their hard work and friendship. 

The FARM is open to all Military, Active, Reserve, Veteran and families, as well as LEO, Fire, and Rescue.  Come out and enjoy the company of others that may have had some of the same experiences. 

​Mike W.  

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